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September 24, 2008 / April T.

The Spanish Road Trip

Don’t forget to check out Spain, On the Road Again, this week.  I’m excited to watch, especially since we did our own little Spanish road trip for our honeymoon a couple of years ago, oh the memories.  I hope this tv series doesn’t suck.

These were some of our favorite experiences on our Spanish Road Trip:

  1. Tapas Crawl in Madrid (from Rick Steves) including the Museo de Jamon, covered in meats and cheeses from wall to wall.
  2. Hanging out in the little apartment we rented in Barcelona, and pretending like we were locals.
  3. Croquetas de Jamon. Spain has the best ham. ever.
  4. Flamenco, and impromptu guitar playing at La Carboneria in Sevilla.



Flickr photo credits: 1. Museo de Jamon  2. Barcelona Apartment 3. Croquetas de Jamon 4. Flamenco at La Carboneria

Of course, we had lots of other great experiences as we drove all over Spain….and we only got pulled over by the police once


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