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June 12, 2008 / April T.

Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is right around the corner, and I still haven’t bought my dad a gift.  What’s more, I still haven’t decided what to get for him.  Of course, if I asked him what he wanted he would say: “I just want to spend time with my kids”.  My mom is no help either in this area, she’ll just tell me to get my dad socks or something mundane like that. 

Every year I want to buy my dad this Monogrammed Steak Brand from Williams Sonoma, but I know that he will think it is absolutely unnecessary and useless. 

Instead, I’m leaning towards buying him a meat thermometer.  I especially like the wireless versions.

Below:  Chef’s Thermometer Fork , Digital Remote Thermometer from Williams Sonoma and the Remote Wireless Meat Thermometer from Sur la Table.


I would also love to get my hands on this Holga, since photography used to be one of my dad’s hobbies.

He can take some great photos, like these:


 If you’re like me and are still looking for that perfect gift for dad, check out these suggestions:

 Simply Stated: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Design mom: What men want

Oh Happy Day: Father’s Day Presents


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