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June 11, 2008 / April T.

Growing Wheat Grass

I love to use wheat grass as decoration for parties.  It’s so fun, easy, versatile….and cheap.  The wheat berries are only a dollar per pound and 1 cup will grow a couple square feet of grass. I did have a hard time actually finding the seed, but I finally conceeded to taking a drive out to Whole Foods, which, of course had it in stock.  I used a bag of Miracle Gro, Moisture control soil that I had from a container gardening project that never got done, and a few containers that I had lying around (from Ikea).

Note:  If growing wheat grass for consumption see these soil recomendations

Continue for tutorial

Two tutorials:


    For my first time growing wheat grass I decided err on the side of caution, and use the more difficult method (since I have a black thumb).  I watered using a spray bottle, to prevent from overwatering.  In total, the project took 7 days.

    Lessons learned:

    • Next time I’ll use a different soil, the grass turned out very tall, and somewhat irregular
    • I’ll also try to achieve more even seed coverage, since my grass seemed more sparse than most wheat grass pics that I’ve seen.

    wheat grass2 wheat grass4

    wheat grass5 wheat grass6


    Some more formal uses of wheat grass. lovely.



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