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May 14, 2008 / April T.

Cupcake Accoutrements

An easy way to make your cupcakes look spectacular is with fun liners and boxes. Personally, I’ve always relied on a basic white liners (maybe silver, if I was feeling spunky). But after looking at these flickr photos, I’ve been on the search for some fun liners. has a pretty good selection, including these fun polka dotty ones.

and I love these cupcake liners I found on etsy.

from A Bel. Emporium

Modern Twist: Nut cups. a la Chockylit. If you decide to do this, you may want to cut a small slit on the rim before baking, so that people can get the cupcake out easier.

Elegant Twist: Laser cut cupcake wrappers. found via Hostess with the Mostess. These wrappers would be perfect for dressing up cupcakes for a bridal shower, or wedding.


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  1. Mara / May 20 2008 5:01 am

    i love accoutrements…my problem with the pretty liners is i never want to use them because then they are gone! i’m a hoarder.

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