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May 13, 2008 / April T.


margarita cupcakes

Some people might say that the cupcake is so last year (or two years ago), but cupcakes are classic. Here are three reasons why these little beauties will be part of my dessert repertoire for years to come.

Number 1: Transportability. I never could figure out the art of transporting a fully decorated cake, inevitably my perfect frosting rubs off on the side of the box, or bag, or whatever carrier I’ve chosen for the occasion. Okay, so I’m not the most coordinated person; this is exactly why I love the cupcakes. All I need is my cupcake courier and it’s a done deal.

Number 2: Portion Control. Single Servings. enough said. And if you really want to put your friends on a diet, you can make mini cupcakes. In the near future I hope to buy the cup-a-cake single cupcake carriers from Williams Sonoma to send the left overs in my hubby’s lunch.

Number 3: Big Impressions, little effort. All it takes is a box of cake mix, can of icing and a Ziploc baggie. Now of course, cupcake purists would never resort to a box, but the truth is–most people won’t even know the difference. There are a number of ways to doctor up a cake mix to make it seem entirely home made. When your friends ask for the recipe, just tell them it’s a family secret 😉

Later this week, we’ll have some cupcake decorating tips, and my favorite cheater recipes. For now, here’s some Flickr cupcake eye candy.


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